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Kenetic web design has partnered with MenuDrive and Ecommerce Templates to provide cutting edge technology to integrate ecommerce solutions into your website easily and affordably.

Our ecommerce solutions come packed with features such as upselling, intuitive reporting, email marketing, mobile integration and much more.

Reliable and Easy

  • In house support team
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Online menu and product setup
  • Receive orders by Fax, Printer, Email or POS


  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Order Accuracy
  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Build Customer Loyalty


  • Advanced Menu and Product Builder
  • Brand and Color Design
  • Reporting Tools
  • Multiple Payment Integration
  • Discount and Coupon Integration
  • Mobile Compatible Ordering Site
  • Include Photos of Menu Items and Products
  • Order Delivery Methods: Fax, Printer, Email, POS
  • And much more...

Here's How it works…

  1. Customers visit your eCommerce website
  2. They view your menu or products and place an order
  3. Orders are immediately sent to your Fax, Printer, Email or POS
  4. Prepare the orders as usual for your customers


Restaurant Ordering Demo

Click to view a restaurant demo


Retail Store Example

Click to view a live retail store


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